Groundbreaking pan-cancer screening study published


iCellate's groundbreaking screening study Screening Circulating Tumor Cells as a Noninvasive Cancer
Test in 3388 Individuals from High-Risk Groups (ICELLATE2)
 has been published in the May issue of the peer review journal Disease Markers.

iCellate has conducted an all-comers, single center study in a high-risk population (smokers, cancer heredity, hepatitis B and positive PSA) of 3388 subjectively healthy individuals to investigate if screening for CTC in blood samples is a clinically valid test for early detection of cancer.

The results were in line with expectations, based on the cancer incidence in Peru and the high-risk profile of the patients. 107 individuals (3.2%) were found to have one or more CTC in their blood stream. 

The present findings therefore identify screening for circulating tumor cells as a promising new screening test for early detection of cancer.