GeneMate® now a part of global rare disease database and resource Orphanet


On June 17th, 2021, GeneMate® was accepted into the online database Orphanet, furthering iCellate’s goal of expanding access to genetic testing and cancer prevention.

In Orphanet’s words, “Rare diseases are rare, but rare disease patients are numerous". Orphanet is a global resource made up of a consortium of partners from 40 countries and led by INSERM (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research). Orphanet’s mission is to provide a common language for rare diseases, ensure equal access to high-quality information, and further our understanding of rare diseases through data integration.

GeneMate® can now be found via Orphanet’s database of diagnostic tests. “By being part of this database, iCellate contributes to making high-quality clinical information about hereditary cancer more accessible” says Francisca Lameiras, Quality Director at iCellate. Increasing our collective awareness of hereditary cancer risk can lead to increased opportunities for cancer prevention and early detection.

GeneMate® is a Next Generation Sequencing test that analyzes 41 genes associated with a predisposition for certain hereditary cancers. Earlier this year iCellate received accreditation under ISO 15189 by Swedac. “Joining Orphanet is a great addition to the accreditation decision, and further demonstrates our commitment to quality,” continues Francisca.

Read the full press release here.