Employee Profile: Sabina Botic

Name:  Sabina Botic

Role:  Biomedical Analyst, Head of lab

From:  Bosnia

Languages:  Swedish, English, Bosnian


Why cancer?

I worked in pathology for 13 years where the patients already had cancer. Now I'm excited by the chance to be a part of something from the start and develop a product that can save patients even before they develop [cancer].

What motivates you?

That every day we are working towards solving for and developing a product that will hopefully lead to cancer prevention in the future.

What is the best part about working at iCellate?

Wonderful colleagues and exciting projects.

When you have a free hour to yourself, how do you spend it? 

Working out at the gym or bing watching a show.

What is your favorite season?



Replies translated by Victoria Brehmer.